How To Litter Train A Dog – Tips To Get You Started

Litter Training A Dog You Say?
This may be an unheard of prospect for some, but it is entirely possible and sometimes necessary, for example if you live in a property without an outside space or if your puppy spends long periods inside.

What You Will Need
If you decide to go down this route, here are some things you will need. First off you will need a litter tray (obviously.) Pick one suitable for the size of your dog or puppy. Often when potty training your puppy, a cat litter tray is a good enough size.

Once you have your litter box, you need to decide what kind of materials you are going to put into it. I advise starting with either newspaper or commecially available pads which you can put in the box and they’re a lot more absorbent than newspaper. A great tips is to place a pad or some newspaper covered in some of the dogs urine inside the box. This will encourage the puppy to go to the toilet inside the box.

Alondside pads or newspaper there is also dog litter available to buy, this is obviously very similar to cat litter which I have found works just as well sometimes. Be wary of these though if you tihnk your puppy is likely to try and eat the litter instead.

Getting Them To Actually Use The Box
Knowing how to litter train a dog can be tricky. But with the right attitude and the right amount of patience, it can be done.

As I mention on the 4 Tips For Housebreaking A Puppy page. make sure to give lots of positive praise whilst the dog is in the litter box, but don’be be too harsh on any little accidents they have outisde the box. At first you’ll have to guide your dog into the box, whilst doing that make sure you show them that it’s good that they’re in the box and you’re happy to see them there.

Try to encourage them to go to the toilet whilst they’re in there, a good time to take them there is after meal time or play time. A puppy will naturally want to go to the toilet during this time.

Finally, I just want to say that patience is key here. This will not happen overnight but if you make sure to be positive when they have taken a step closer to the goal and no too negative when they have accidents, then eventually they will get the hang of it

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