Housebreaking A Puppy – Doggy Dan Product Review

I came across an online dog training product the other day whilst I was looking through a dog forum online that I sometimes visit. From what I saw, it looked like it could be quite promising so I decided to buy it for myself and review it on here!

The product is called The Online Dog Trainer by Doggy Dan (not his birth name, I’m sure!) You can check it out for youself by Clicking Here

Let’s see if it’s able to help with Housebreaking A Puppy!

First Impressions
Ok, so first off it was quite reassuring to see that the product itself is endorsed by the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.)

Once I bought the product and logged into the members area, there were quite a lot of topics and options to choose from, which I don’t really like. I don’t like having too much choice, as seen below.


However, after you watch the big video in the middle it quickly tells you what to expect from the course and where to start. Dan explains in the video that you first must try to become the pack leader of your dog or pack of dogs. So after you have learnt this, it will become much easier to actually teach and train your dog. So I started with the pack leader section.

The Pack Leader Section
This is comprised of Dan’s 5 Golden Rules. Following these 5 rules will enable you to assert yourself as the pack leader, and by doing this, YOU will be in charge. Which in turn, will allow you to have much better control over your dog in all aspects of it’s training.

Typically, Dan has a video explaining the theory of the rules and a video for each rule being put into practice. There were a few things in this section that I was already aware of, this is mainly due to the fact I grew up breeding dogs with my family. However, I did find out a lot of new and interesting techniques watching theses videos.


Also I found that Dan’s New Zealand accent actually kept me more interested and concentrated on the actual video!

Toilet Training Section
In the spirit of the theme of this site, I thought I would quickly mention the toilet training section of the product. The video in the section is quite good, in my eyes it has a refreshing take on how to toilet train your dog. Dan places the emphasis firmly on the owner that it is THEIR responsibility to make sure the dog or puppy is outside in time for when they need the toilet.

He also talks about his 3 P’s which are Plan, Prepare and Praise in this section along with some theory. A good little section to check out if you want to know how to train a dog to pee outside. I have included a screenshot below of what other topics are covered in the product itself. Click Here to check out The Online Dog Trainer product.



Everyday Tools And Techniques Section
This section includes the links down the side which I was initally confused about. I wondered why they were down the side whereas all other topics were along the top. It turns out that these are actually a set of techniques primarily used to calm your dog down and make them pay attention.

This was definitely a nice little section and I actually tried out some of the techniques for myself after watching the videos.


Project Moses Section
I just wanted to also quickly mention this section (and no there is nothing Biblical about it.) Moses is actually a puppy which Dan has documented growing up, as a sort of live case study. This section shows you videos of Dan training Moses as he is growing and what to expect from your own puppy whilst they are doing the same. He also shows handy techniques he uses during social situations to overcome any problems you might encounter.

This section is really worth checking out if you want to see a chronological timeline of training and techniques being put into action, there’s lots of other useful techniques shown in this section that aren’t necessarily covered in other sections.

Conclusion – Pro’s and Con’s
I will just give a brief overview of what I though of the product as a whole…

– Video Instructions are very good with easy to understand information
– Lots of topics to choose from covering a wide range of subjects
– Good customer support and also an FAQ’s section
– Satisfaction guarantee or your money back

– Layout can be confusing to begin with
– Some features aren’t available during the trial period (members forum)

But all in all, I believe its a well put together product if you are looking for some online training. I also think the toilet training section can help with housebreaking a puppy. Click Here to check out the product for yourself.

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