4 Tips For Housebreaking A Puppy

Let Them Go Outside After Meal and Play Time
I will cover the reason you should take them out after meals in the below tip. As for the play time aspect, you probably already know but dogs (especially puppies) can get rather excited when playing. So because of this, it’s important to give your dog a chance to go to the toilet afterwards, especially in it’s infancy when the dog doesn’t have good bladder control.

Puppies Aren’t Like Me And You, It Only Takes On Average 20 Minutes Before They Want To Poo
I’m very much aware that the above sentence rhymes! I just use this sentence a lot when teaching people about this. Basically, when potty training your puppy it’s important to be aware that their digestive tract is very slick, once it goes in, it wants to come out again fairly quick! So whilst house training your puppy, be ready to give them toilet breaks fairly soon after meal times.

Be Sure To Give Positive Praise, But Don’t Be Too Harsh On Any Little Accidents
Unfortunately it’s common human nature to be very quick to criticise mistakes but not praise good work. So bear this in mind when learning how to toilet train your dog. Make sure to really make the puppy know when they’ve done a good job! However, whilst they are still learning there may still be accidents along the way. If these situations arise, make the puppy gently aware that this is not good and then take them outside to finish up and praise them for finishing outside.

Above All Be Patient, They’re Not Doing It To Annoy You
Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that a puppy is just a puppy and they’re not going to the toilet in your house just to aggravate you. To put it simply, when they’re young they don’t know where is acceptable to go to the toilet and where is not, they also have poor control over those bodily functions. So always try to keep sight of this when house training your puppy.

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